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Sell your devices for reuse - a win for you, and a win for our environment !

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Encouraging reuse. Extending lifecycle. Keeping devices out of landfill.

Our love of technology is great, but with it comes the responsibility to minimise the e-waste that it creates. By 30 June 2011 there were 29 million mobile phone subscriptions,mobile phone recycling, phone recyclers in Australia - that's more than the population!  And it's estimated that an additional 22 million old mobile phones are kept in drawers at home*.

With our growing reliance on electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops we believe it's important to take proactive steps to facilitate and encourage what we see as the key to environmental management: REUSE.


iXchange helps you extend the life of Apple devices in a way that benefits you, other Apple fans, and the environment.  By enabling people to buy and sell used iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks and Macs to their mutual advantage, we extend the lifecycle of these devices and keep them out of landfill.  Rather than becoming waste, these devices are diverted into the hands of eager new users, who are ready to provide a new lease of life.

If you can't reuse, recycle

In the event that your device is completely broken and/or valueless due to age, iXchange will send postage-paid packaging for you to post the device to us^. We will then ensure it is harvested for parts, or recycled in accordance with our no landfill policy which applies both domestically and internationally.  We partner with one of Australia's most respected and responsible recyclers, specialising in the disposal of e-waste. 

What is dangerous about e-waste?

Substances found in consumer electronic devices include such dangerous waste as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and beryllium. These substances have a high risk of leaching into water sources, polluting the air and contaminating the soil if disposed of improperly.

Many of the plastics used in consumer electronic devices contain toxic flame retardant chemicals that can enter the food chain if recycled incorrectly. These chemicals are highly carcinogenic and are not broken down naturally in the environment. Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs), especially PBDEs, are persistent in the environment and contaminate the food chain, animals and people.

Compliance and responsible e-waste recycling

iXchange partners with one of Australia‚Äôs largest electronics recyclers,phone recyclersRecycling mobile Phonesspecialising in the disposal of e-waste. In the past 3 years they have diverted more than 1.3million waste electronics products from landfill sites. Their systems and processes are compliant with ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems and ISO 9000 Quality standards and they are members of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). 

At all times iXchange adheres to, and advocates, the 3 Rs as promoted by the EPA: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.


Mobile Muster - 40% of mobile phone users have 2 or more old mobiles at home, 27% have 1 old mobile at home. 

^ Postage-paid packaging is sent for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple TVs that need to be harvested for parts and recycled. In the case of MacBooks and Macs, due to their heavier weight, iXchange will recycle these devices for you, however we cannot pay for postage. Shipment of these devices to iXchange is at your cost. 



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